SkinStylus® Virtual Training provides a superior system evaluation & training experience for the clinician!


As practicing skincare clinicians ourselves, we have sat through countless sales pitches and product demonstrations performed by commissioned sales reps. While many such reps are well intentioned, when it came time to answer the difficult questions that a clinician needs to know to safely, effectively, and profitably use the product/equipment being evaluated, the sales rep gave the “company line” info or dodged the question entirely. Here at SkinStylus®, we are keenly aware that if a device or treatment does not live up to the hype promised by the sales rep, it is we, the practitioners and not the sales reps, that gets the difficult task of explaining lackluster results to our patients.

Even worse, if cross-contamination were to occur using a microtherapy device that cannot be autoclave sterilized, it is our professional licenses, reputations, and malpractice insurance that is in jeopardy and all the snacks and movie tickets from the sales reps can’t fix that.

Esthetic medical devices are expensive and the practitioner price is increased significantly increased when one factors in the sales representatives commission. While we can appreciate the pressure that the commissioned sales rep is under from the distributor to sell more devices, we realize that this role does not serve our patients and our own best interests.

With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, commissioned sales reps visiting offices became more than annoying, it became impossible with patient distancing mandates in clinics.

At SkinStylus®, we decided to do something about this. Beginning in April of 2020, we eliminated all commissioned sales representatives and replaced these people with non-commissioned Clinician-Educators. These SkinStylus® Educators are experienced skincare clinicians with expertise in both microtherapy as well as esthetic medical education. This allows us to offer a competitive, FDA cleared microsystem starting at $2888 with cartridges starting at less than $25 each!

Using the power of a sophisticated multi-camera video operatory, SkinStylus® Educators can provide live SkinStylus® demonstrations and training in real time, without delay, and from a variable closeup observation angle. With our virtual system, viewers can clearly see each facet of the treatment up-close and personal while using Skype®, Zoom®, or Facetime® on their end.