SkinStylus® MicroSystem Professional Kit 

The SkinStylus® MicroSystem can be reprocessed in an autoclave sterilizer! Other systems can trap biohazardous fluids inside the device that cannot be removed or reprocessed in an autoclave. Don’t put your clients and yourself at risk of cross contamination! The SkinStylus® Biolock™ cartridge has a unique, patent pending, seven step safety system designed to stop any fluids or ink from getting through the cartridge and into the device. The Biolock™ cartridge is also gamma ray sterilized to ensure client safety.

Redundant Safety Systems: SkinStylus® practitioners can rest assured that even in the unlikely event that fluids or ink were somehow able to exit the Biolock™ cartridge, the SkinStylus® nose cone can be reprocessed in an autoclave after each use further minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

The SkinStylus® MicroSystem Professional Kit is packaged in an attractive aluminum protective case and includes:

  • TWO SkinStylus® Motor Units
  • FOUR Removeable Nose Cones that can be Reprocessed in an Autoclave
  • TWO Rechargeable, Extended Run-Time Lithium Batteries
  • TWO Power Options: BOTH Corded and Cordless
  • Forever Warranty
  • 20 Biolock™ Cartridges choice of 11 or 36 pin
  • 30 Client Brochures
  • One (30 ml) HA-Cu Micropigmentation Clarifier Serum
  • Voucher for 12 hours of online training

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