Kris’s Corner: Wax on, Wax off?

When I was in esthetic school, I of course thought I was a master at everything!  I had a few months left before graduating when my sister came into town and wanted me to wax her, of course she wanted a brazillian.

Bold and brilliant aspiring esthetician I was, I went to the beauty supply and bought some wax. Boy it was exhilarating to use my student discount! Riding the high of my recent exhilarating experience purchasing wax at the beauty supply, I came home  armed and ready to perform the perfect brazillian wax. I was fearless, it couldn’t be that much more difficult than a bikini wax, could it?!

In all my excitement at the beauty supply, I decided on purchasing a hard wax, which I had actually never used before. Little did I know the most important part of using hard wax, you must put oil down on the skin prior to waxing!

I had my sister in my bathroom on my portable table and got the wax to the correct temperature.  I tested it on the inside of my wrist, ensuring I wouldn’t burn her.  Now, she’s watching all of this, and feeling quite confident in her little sisters new skills.

I put the wax down on her who-haa area, and let it set up.  When I went to remove it, it stuck.  Yep, it wouldn’t budge.  I had forgot to put a layer of oil under the wax, so it wasn’t going anywhere.  In order to get the wax off, I had to flick it with my fingernail.  She was almost crying in pain, and I was crying with laughter.  Thank God she was my sister and not a client.

After I got the wax off, the skin was so red and irritated.  I  looked at her and said, “that’s one angry beaver, man it’s really mad at me!”

Needless to say, I never made that mistake again!

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